Why Are Deck Cleaning and Trex Deck Maintenance So Important?

Your deck is an integral part of your daily existence. It’s where you can go watch the dogs or kids play, start a barbecue, or just hang out and stare into the distance. That means that deck maintenance and Trex deck maintenance are a part of your life, too.    Decks are extremely susceptible to…

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How to Achieve Spotless Decks for Some Summer Fun

Your deck is the go-to spot for the most memorable summer gatherings. However, constant exposure to the outdoor environment leads to a build-up of contaminants that erode your deck structures’ appearances.    And to worsen matters, caustic solutions never seem to get the job done, sometimes causing further (often irreversible) damage to your deck’s flooring.…

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H20 Deck Washing

Wood Restoration & Deck Cleaning In Albany, NY

A deck can really enhance your outdoor living space and serves as a gathering place for family and friends. In the summer, your deck will likely see a lot of foot traffic as you host barbecues and other activities. But the seasons in Albany can really do a number on the look and condition of…

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