Refresh Your Patio Pavers with H20 Pressure Washing!

Concrete Cleaning in Albany, NY

Summer is more than halfway over, and several of us have enjoyed spending our days on our beloved patios. These high-traffic, high-use areas get a lot of love in the summer months, which also gets filthy. A whole summer’s worth of dirt can really detract from your home’s curb appeal, not to mention making your…

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Can Pressure Washing Damage My Siding, Deck, & Other If Im A Home Owner?

Homeowners in Albany are concerned about the effects of pressure washing—and whether this cleaning method can damage exteriors.  The answer: It depends on who’s doing the pressure washing and the amount of pressure and chemicals used. Is Pressure Washing Dangerous? Pressure washing uses a water spray to remove bacteria, mildew, dirt, dust, contaminants, and pollutants…

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Winter Services from H20 Pressure Washing

Hey, it’s the holiday season! It’s time to welcome in friends and family after a long year or two and sit down with plenty of football, flannel, fun, and OUR WINTER SERVICES!   Is your house in the best shape for the upcoming winter or colder months? If you have to pause and think, it’s…

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H20 Deck Washing

Wood Restoration & Deck Cleaning In Albany, NY

A deck can really enhance your outdoor living space and serves as a gathering place for family and friends. In the summer, your deck will likely see a lot of foot traffic as you host barbecues and other activities. But the seasons in Albany can really do a number on the look and condition of…

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H20 Pressure Washing

As the weather gets nicer outside and the sunshine beckons, there’s an essential part of home maintenance that must not get overlooked: the roof. That’s where the pressure-washing specialists from H20 Pressure Washing come in!   Maintenance of the roof is a critical part of your home’s overall health. The roof – open to the…

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