Asphalt and Slate Roof Washing

Your roof stands between you and the damage a storm deals. When it isn’t properly washed, parts will start to rot. These little spots become vulnerable places where rain could leak into, or hail could break through. Proper roof washing solutions can prevent this!


An effective way to clean roofs is by pressure washing. However, asphalt or slate roofs should never be pressure washed. This is where a soft washing service comes in. 


When it comes to these materials, trust an experienced company like H2O Pressure Washing. 

Signs It’s Time for a Roof Cleaning

Roof cleanings should be done at least once a year or sooner if any of the following signs arise: 

  • Black and/or green discolorations. This is most likely mold.
  • Patches of moss have started growing
  • Slippery places with a slimy texture. This is most likely algae.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Asphalt and slate washings need to be left in the hands of professionals. These materials are delicate and damaging them could lead to expensive repairs.


Unless you understand how soft washing works, don’t risk the safety of your roof. For example, while pressure washing might get quick results, it’s also harsh on the material. If you have an asphalt roof, the power of the water could break off a chunk of it, and then it can get caught in your gutters. This will damage them and can also cause clogging. 


If you have a slate roof, it’s equally dangerous. No matter how you care for your roof, parts will become compromised over time. A harsh pressure cleaning will cause breaks in them. This could lead to leaks or even parts of your roof cave-in. 


Soft washing will prolong the life of your house’s main protector by at least ten years, and upwards of twenty.

Let a Professional Help You 


Don’t try to do roof washing on your own. It’s too easy to slip or otherwise make a mistake when you’re not familiar with it. This can result in personal injury and causing harm to your property, both of which endanger your safety. Instead, call H2O Pressure Washing today, and get a highly qualified soft washing expert to do it for you. 


Whether it’s an asphalt roof, slate roof, or any other material, we guarantee to make it look as good as new. You’ll be proud to show off your new spotless house.


Schedule a soft washing service today!