Commercial Buiding Cleaning

Roof cleaning

Commercial building cleaning improves the appearance of any commercial property. Malls, movie theaters, offices, restaurants, hotels, and warehouses can all benefit from comprehensive exterior cleaning.

It's important because your building's exterior is how you attract clients. You can guarantee that your top competitors are keeping their premises looking sharp – it's time you did the same.

H2O Power Washing provides professional exterior cleaning services to all businesses. Our trained, experienced technicians can restore your premises to top condition and help you attract the clients you need.

When Does a Building Need to Be Washed?

Below are the most common signs that your premises could do with a professional cleaning.

Exterior Looks Faded and Mottled

If your property's exterior is streaked with grime and dirt, the best option is to call H20 to schedule a commercial building cleaning as soon as possible. If your establishment looks dingy, you can guarantee that you're losing clients based on appearances alone. Regardless of your products and services’ quality, people won't come through the front door if the building conveys a sense of neglect.

Fortunately, H2O can solve this problem immediately. Our sophisticated pressure-washing equipment and well-trained professionals are everything you need to get your building sparkling!

Drop in Customer Visits

Have you noticed a gradual decline in customer numbers? There are only so many times you can tell yourself it's just the quiet season before you realize it's approaching peak season and you haven't got the numbers you need.

Often, the reason behind an unexplained drop in footfall is the appearance of your establishment’s exterior. Remember that this is the first thing people notice about it. The solution? Hire the commercial building cleaning team at H2O to help your property regain its appeal to your clients!

  • Visible Graffiti

    Unfortunately, graffiti has become a common problem for commercial building owners. Removing it isn't always easy; some paint is difficult to wash away without scratching the building's exterior, which only makes it look worse. The best solution is professional pressure washing.

    The H2O team is here to help. Our pressure-washing equipment removes graffiti fully without risking damage to the underlying surface. We can also provide time-sensitive service, so the graffiti will be removed from your commercial building before it causes any reputational damage. It's best to treat these problems swiftly.

  • Failed Business Inspection 

    If your business inspection comes back with a failing grade, you’ll need commercial cleaning to remedy the issues as soon as possible. This service will correct the issues behind the failed inspection, allowing you to get on with your life and start trading without a hitch.