As you spring clean your home’s interior, don’t overlook the need to spring clean your home’s exterior, too! As the months go by and seasons change, your home’s exterior is assaulted with moisture from rain, sleet, and snow. High winds deposit dirt, dust, and debris allowing moisture to invite insects to take up residence and mold and mildew to form and spread. Gentle, effective pressurized house washing removes built-up grime, refreshing your home’s appearance and cutting down on the need for costly repairs down the road that are needed when you don’t keep up with preventive maintenance.


H2O Pressure Washing’s experienced professionals use cutting-edge technology and equipment to gently clean virtually all of your home’s exterior surfaces, including siding, brick, concrete, wood, and stucco. You may not realize your home could use a good cleaning until you see how fresh and vibrant it looks afterward! Your neighbors, relatives, passersby, and visitors to your home will not be able to pinpoint exactly what has changed. They’ll just notice that your home looks cleaner and more inviting – it’s up to you whether or not to share your secret!


If you live in or around the Bethlehem area, N.Y. Hop into spring by contacting H2O Pressure Washing Environmental Services for a free estimate!


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