Refresh Your Patio Pavers with H20 Pressure Washing!

Concrete Cleaning in Albany, NY

Summer is more than halfway over, and several of us have enjoyed spending our days on our beloved patios. These high-traffic, high-use areas get a lot of love in the summer months, which also gets filthy. A whole summer’s worth of dirt can really detract from your home’s curb appeal, not to mention making your…

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Try Our Pool Deck Cleaning Services!

Pools offer a luxurious way to stay cool during the summer, and a pool deck cleaning will make the swimming experience more enticing. However, every pool owner knows that keeping things looking nice can quickly become a chore.  Why not let H2O Pressure Washing help your outdoor space look well-maintained and, most importantly, clean? Let’s…

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Asphalt and Slate Roof Washing

Roof Cleaning & Washing in Albany, NY

Your roof stands between you and the damage a storm deals. When it isn’t properly washed, parts will start to rot. These little spots become vulnerable places where rain could leak into, or hail could break through. Proper roof washing solutions can prevent this!   An effective way to clean roofs is by pressure washing.…

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How to Achieve Spotless Decks for Some Summer Fun

Your deck is the go-to spot for the most memorable summer gatherings. However, constant exposure to the outdoor environment leads to a build-up of contaminants that erode your deck structures’ appearances.    And to worsen matters, caustic solutions never seem to get the job done, sometimes causing further (often irreversible) damage to your deck’s flooring.…

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The Importance of Planning Ahead of Time

One key to getting the most from your pressure wash experience, however, is to plan ahead. With a little planning, you can set your expectations and receive the best service possible. Below are a few tips to help your home pressure washing experience run smoothly: Set Your Scheduling Expectations It’s important to know how far…

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